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Product Fundamentals

HoweRT® resonance-based devices are designed by InspirStar, Inc. of Chandler, Arizona. As a microcurrent device, the unit generates an electrical current in the millionths of an amp. InspirStar created the first FDA approved programmable microcurrent stimulation machine and was chosen to create the HoweRT® devices due to their high quality and excellent customer service. HoweRT® microcurrent devices are FDA approved and offer Resonance-Based Microcurrent. The units feature an LCD screen to make accessing the dozens of programmed options quick and easy. This ease of use supported the development of very comprehensive units for both the Sport and Home Wellness arenas.

The Programming Makes the Difference!

The programs were developed for the active therapy clinic of Vanessa Howe, MSPT. For more than a decade, Vanessa has been developing programs to better meet the needs of her Physical Therapy practitioners and patients. This has involved an on-going process of clinically-based program refinement across more than 7,000 individual patients.

Micro-Sport® Program Options


A powerful microcurrent
device for
athletes of all

75 programs

Micro-Sport® Pro

A cutting-edge microcurrent device for professional and other top athletes

88 programs

Micro-Sport® Home

A comprehensive microcurrent device for a wide range of pain-related conditions

96 programs

Micro-Sport® Rehab

A highly effective microcurrent device for Physical Medicine professionals

94 programs

HoweRT® Micro-Sport® devices are FDA approved micocurrent electrical stimulation units offering Resonance Programmed Microcurrent. These specific devices are approved for pain use. Other uses in this FDA category include wound healing and bone stimulation. Other general uses of microcurrent include aesthetics and general wellness. Our unit is a small, portable machine, which is designed to treat pain in a training room, doctor's office, clinic or hospital, and can also be safely and easily self-administered at home under a doctor's prescription.

HoweRT® Microcurrent devices are high-end precision medical instruments. These products can generate low-current intensity pulses at microampere level and frequency of pulses.

Programming these devices allows for control of the following parameters: current intensity, frequency, time, modulated wave period, wave slope, and polarity. The programs for these specific devices were developed over a decade of active use for pain treatments at a physical therapy clinic in the northern suburbs of Detroit, MI by a national instructor in Resonance Based technologies. Practitioners or users do not need any programming background or skill to use these devices. The programs are easily accessed with a few pushes of a button. Current intensity can be adjusted to maximize comfort.

Frequency Range: 0.1 – 999.9 Hz programmable
Wave Form: Square pulses
Duty Cycle: 50%
Current Intensity:  20μA to 400μA
Constant current generator
Output Polarity: Programmable alternating, positive or negative
Output Load Resistance 0 to 100K ohm
Output Channels: Two fully independent channels
Output Connection: 3.5 mm mono phone jacks
Programming Port: micro-USB
Memory: up to 99 programmable protocols
Power Supply: (2) AA alkaline batteries
Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.2 x 1.2 inches
Weight: 6.42 oz
Warranty: 1 year


Leads Electrodes
are available through CSI
Alligator Clips


Sales Policy

  • HoweRT® only sells to licensed healthcare practitioners whose scope of practice includes use of electrical stimulation (e-stim)
  • Only licensed healthcare providers can dispense HoweRT® products to end-customers


  • One year warranty from the date of delivery for both parts and labor for any product defect

Refund Policy

  • Up to 30 days from date of delivery
  • No restocking fee (you cover shipping and insurance only)
  • Product return authorization required