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Our Vision

To profoundly improve the lives of our customers by reducing or eliminating pain resulting from injury, illness or aging with reasonably priced, technologically sophisticated resonance devices

The HoweRT® Story

Welcome to the world of Resonance! HoweRT® was born with the vision of taking resonance-based technology into the mainstream. Vanessa Howe, MSPT has spent over a decade observing amazing, even miraculous results with frequency based microcurrent in her Physical Therapy practice. She has lectured, taught and presented Resonance Theory and Application throughout the country. This has given her a perspective and understanding of the needs of both health care practitioners and patients. HoweRT® was established to meet the needs of practitioners and patients who desire to use the power of this technology, without costly and extensive classes to learn programming.

HoweRT® strives to provide a high quality line of Pre-Programmed Resonance-Based Devices to allow practitioners to utilize the power of this technology right out of the box with minimal cost and with less than an hour of on-line training. We offer comprehensive support in quickly integrating new technologies into practitioners’ clinics.

Together with her partner and Business Director, Glenn Hodges, PhD, HoweRT® provides high quality “out of the box” devices that practitioners can immediately use in their clinics or dispense directly to their patients. HoweRT® does not sell to patients, but only to health care practitioners who hold a license to use electrical stim devices. Web-based support will be available to both practitioners, as well as the patients that have been supplied devices. We are very excited to announce our first device, a comprehensive device for athletes of all levels – the HoweRT® Micro-Sport®.

Brand Values

HoweRT® devices deliver top performance. Our units have highly advanced proprietary programming based on more than a decade of constant clinical use and are designed and manufactured by InspirStar®, a top manufacturer of resonance-based devices.

Our core value and the ultimate focus of all we do at HoweRT® is to delight our customers with products and service, which exceed expectations.

HoweRT® devices are reliable and work as expected, when expected. Whether you are a practitioner using them in a clinic or training room or a patient using them on a more occasional basis, our products will work when you need them.

HoweRT® devices will deliver exceptional value for years and can have programming upgrades to extend their performance and value for a nominal cost.

Our products are designed to be easy for non-medically trained people to use. Whether you are a young or professional athlete, a parent with young children, or a senior with a range of medical conditions, you will find HoweRT® devices simple and easy to operate.



Elite & Pro Athlete Clinic

We have used micro-current in our practice for over 15 years and the HoweRT technology has far succeeded any other units we have used in the past. It is the most effective unit and is very user friendly. You don't have to be a practitioner to figure out which programs to run. It's that easy. The customer service is amazing too. Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful when something is needed. I am definitely going to purchase more of these units in the future!

Philip Hatrak, COO Synergy Sports Wellness Institute Atlanta, GA

Chiropractic, General Practice

I love the HoweRT units that we have purchased. They are easy to use and the programs are incredibly effective. Every time I have a question, I get a rapid response from the company with a clear answer. I use them in the office and have sold them to my patients. Quality and effective programs that are easy to can't beat that!

Dr P, Colorado



In 2016 I had he opportunity to use a Howe unit in Florida. I was having what some would consider a migraine. I had suffered with it for about 14 hours. Within 2 minutes of running her machine I felt relief. My husband had asked if I wanted to go to ER for a shot. I'm so glad I didn't get a shot and got some Howe microcurrent instead.

Jill W.

Growth Plate Injury & Nationals

Absolutely amazing! My 11 year old plays competitive soccer and tore her growth plate in her knee. With a National Championship Tournament just 9 weeks away, we were devastated. We were told she could not play for a minimum of 2 months, probably more. After 1 month of regular treatments she was cleared to resume practice and play. At 2 months she was nearly 100% and able to play at the National tournament with no restrictions and NO PAIN. This would not have been possible without Vanessa, her team and her amazing Microcurrent device. Thank you so, so much!

JS- Rochester Hills, MI


Vanessa Howe

Welcome to the world of Resonance! HoweRT® was born with the vision of Vanessa Howe, MSPT integrated resonance based microcurrent (Frequency Specific Microcurrent-FSM) into her Physical Therapy practice in 2005, a very new technique at the time. Since then, Vanessa has been a national instructor who is viewed as an innovative programmer in resonance modalities of both current (electrical stim) and magnetic fields. She has taught physicians, therapists, and trainers from all over the world. She is regarded as one of the foremost authorities in use of microcurrent for athletic injuries, both working directly with and consulting with some of the top athletic cases in the country. Vanessa works with athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, Olympic Sports of gymnastics, soccer, NHL, and many NCAA sports. Meanwhile her clinic continues to serve a general pain population in the northern suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

Vanessa is an active speaker in the area of Microcurrent, as well as Resonance and BioEnergy Medicine. She is a regular speaker at the Annual National Microcurrent Conference. In 2016 teaching on the Treatment of Pain with Microcurrent. In 2015 she was a Keynote Speaker, while in 2014 she was recognized for her Outstanding Case Report of an NCAA baseball pitcher. She presents regularly in an Integrative Health program at a local University. She has taught a CEU’ed course on Bio-Energetic Medicine for the MPTA. She was a robust instructor for Frequency Specific Microcurrent at the Core Level, as well as an Advanced Instructor for over 6 years. Her areas of expertise include General Pain Applications, Pediatrics, Cervical and Jaw Treatment, Athletics, and Neurological Treatments. She is sought out for her expertise with athletic programming and applications of microcurrent by healthcare providers from around the globe.

Vanessa has maintained her active involvement in day to day patient care, as well as developing the technology and programming for microcurrent devices. This has given her a perspective and understanding of the needs of both health care practitioners and patients. She established Howe Resonance Technologies, with her partner Glenn Hodges, to meet the needs of practitioners and patients who desire to use the power of this technology, without costly and extensive classes for programming.

Glenn Hodges

Glenn Hodges, PhD, is the Director of Business Operations for HoweRT®. He has an extensive business background having worked for Coca-Cola USA, and in a number of roles, primarily in the areas of corporate, business and product strategy for Chrysler Corporation and DaimlerChrysler AG. More recently he has worked in the academic field as an Assistant Professor and Director of the Master of Science of Management, Strategy, and Leadership program at the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. He has also worked as a Senior Advisor to Booz & Company, China, and has led a number of strategy-related consulting engagements. He holds a PhD in Management from the Technische Universität Berlin, an MBA from Georgetown University and a BA in Marketing from Michigan State University. His interest in resonance-based technologies began when it was used on him to treat a long-term shoulder pain problem, which was dramatically improved from the treatment.